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Leave of Absence

For electronic delivery of Absence Forms (with signature), please send to the YCCD Benefits email

Please refer to the Classified, Faculty or Leadership contracts for information regarding the following leave of absence programs:

Absence Form - Classified

Absence Form - Faculty

Absence Form - Management

Sick Leave Transfer Form (submitted within 1 year for classified)

If you must revise a previously submitted absence form, you should use the copy and mark it accordingly.  You should not submit a new absence.  Please see example:  SAMPLE - Revised Absence Form


StaffNet & Other Leaves:

Please visit the StaffNet website to view your leave balances.

PN (Personal Necessity) will post positive, but will show as a deduction on your SICK LEAVE screens.

FHOL (Floating Holiday) is for Management and Classified employees only. It is the equivalent of 8 hours for a full-time (100%) employee. This amount is pro-rated according to your employment percentage.

Also, FHOL will post positive. If you see 8 hours in the screen, you have taken your 8 hours. If you see 0, you have not taken any time for this yet. You cannot carry over Floating Holidays from one year to the next. If you don't use it -- you lose it. If you don't see anything for FHOL, that means you have not taken anything yet. 

If you do not have a FHOL leave at all, that means you have never taken it.  Once you take it, Benefits will assign the leave upon receipt of your absence.

JURY DUTY and MILITARY LEAVE must be accompanied with appropriate back-up; i.e., form from courthouse showing that you have served, military orders specifying dates. Without supporting documentation, leaves taken may come from your vacation time.

BEREAVEMENT LEAVE - Your absence must state the relationship to the deceased (see appropriate contracts for more information).

Questions regarding FMLA and Maternity Leave? Please contact Lori Smith at 209-575-6024.