Central Services Research & Planning Office

The YCCD Research and Planning Office provides research support to Columbia College and Modesto Junior College related to Planning, Program Review and Accreditation.  We also provide data upon request to the community, or to support compliance reporting and grants.  The office is responsible for data submissions to fulfill mandated state and federal reporting.  The office coordinates the Distrctwide Research Work Group and works collaboratively with the campus Institutional Researcher offices.       

Prior Terms: Enrollment, Annual FTES and Term FTES 



Central Services Research Office:

Marc Beam ~ Associate Vice Chancellor, Institutional Research ~ 209-575-6556 ~ beamm@yosemite.edu 

Shawna M. Dean ~ District Research and Planning Director ~ (209) 575-6518 Phone  ~ deans@yosemite.edu

Campus Research Offices:

Columbia College ~ RP Website
Diana Sunday ~ Director Institutional Research ~ (209) 588-5389 ~ sundayd@yosemite.edu

Modesto Junior College ~ RP Website
Nora Seronello ~ College Research Analyst ~ (209) 575-6894 ~ seronellon@mjc.edu