Central Services Research & Planning Office

The Central Services Research and Planning Office provides support to Columbia College, Modesto Junior College and Central Services with data inquiries related but not limited to Planning, Program Review, Accreditation, Community Requests, Compliance and Grants.  In addition, the office is also responsible for submissions for various mandated state reports including but not limited to Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), Full Time Obligation – 75/25 (FTO), and National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Beginning Summer 2010 the CS RP Office takes on the new function of all MIS related reporting. The office also coordinates the Districtwide Research Work Group and works collaboratively with the Campus Institutional Research Offices. 

Unduplicated Headcount as of FALL 2014 Term First Census
Please note: The unduplicated headcount below is accurate as of the "Last Updated" date printed on the bottom of the page below, run for Term 1st Census (16 week sections) above. 

Modesto Junior College                 17,895

Columbia College                            2811

Concurrently Enrolled Students     86         

Prior Terms: Enrollment, Annual FTES and Term FTES 



Central Services Research Office:

Shawna M. Dean ~ (209) 575-6518 Phone  ~ (209) 575-6306 Fax ~ deans@yosemite.edu

Campus Research Offices:

Columbia College ~ RP Website
Diana Sunday ~ (209) 588-5389 ~ sundayd@yosemite.edu

Modesto Junior College ~ RP Website
Nora Seronello ~ (209) 575-6894 ~ seronellon@mjc.edu 


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