Select the following links to view budget documents.  These documents are in the Adobe Acrobat format, and the free Acrobat Reader is required.

2015-2016 Tentative Budget (presented to the Board 6/10/15)

2014-2015 Final Budget (presented to the Board 9/10/14)

2014-2015 YCCD Final Budget Review(presented at the 9/11/13 Board meeting)

The Big Picture-Budget Overview 2009-2010, Revised 9/09 (presented at MJC Budget Forum 8/26/09, Columbia College Inservice Day 8/27/09, Board Retreat 9/16/09, and YFA Retreat 9/25/09)

Budget Planning Timeline

Budget Allocation Formula Summary Sheet (presented at MJC Budget Forum 8/26/09 and Columbia College Inservice Day 8/27/09) (Revised January 2015) 

Budget Allocation Review 2005-2006 (presented at Board Study Session on 5/3/06 and District Council 6/7/06)

Community College Finance Handbook

Community College Finance Presentation

Community College Self-Assessment Checklist

CCFS 311 Reports

Budget FAQ's

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