Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Annual Report

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Annual Report #1 2005-2006 (3.4 Mb)
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Annual Report #6 2010-2011 (1 Mb)
Annual Report #7 2011-2012 (2.5 Mb)
Annual Report #8 2012-2013 (1.5 Mb)
Annual Report #9 2013-2014 (2.4 Mb)
Annual Report #10 2014-2015 (6.9 Mb)


Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Information

At their March 9, 2005 Board meeting, the Yosemite Community College District (YCCD) Board of Trustees appointed fourteen members to a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee. The purpose of the committee is to routinely inform the public concerning the expenditure of YCCD bond revenues over the life of the District’s $326 million construction project to ensure that bond proceeds are used properly and for its intended purposes.

In accordance with Education Code, the committee must consist of at least seven members and must include at least one member active in a business organization representing local commerce, an active member in a senior citizens’ organization, an active member in a bona fide taxpayers’ association, an enrolled and active Modesto Junior College or Columbia College student, a member active in a college support organization, and at least two at-large community members who reside in the District.

All appointments were made by the Board of Trustees, chosen from applications submitted to the District. The initial appointments will be staggered, such that one-half of the appointees will serve a one-year term, and the other half a two-year term.

The appointees to the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee are:

Name Home Category  Term Ends
Joseph Aja Modesto At-Large MAY 2017
Sherry Fowler Patterson At-Large MAY 2017
Barbara Frazer Modesto Senior Citizen Organization MAR 2015
Larry McElhaney (Chair) Modesto At-Large NOV 2015
Paul Neumann Modesto College Support Organization MAY 2016
Matthew Rolicheck (Vice Chair) Modesto At-Large MAR 2015
Thomas Solomon Modesto Business Organization NOV 2015
Vacant  - Community College Student - MJC -
Vacant  - Community College Student - Columbia -
Vacant  - Taxpayers Association -

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Yosemite Community College District is accepting applications for the vacancies on its Bond Measure E Citizens' Oversight Committee.  Those interested in applying may download the Application Form. For further information, please contact Coni Chavez, District Public Affairs Director, (209) 575-6959.

The bond is intended to implement prioritized projects identified in the district’s Facilities Master Plan, a study which took over 18-months to develop by collecting information from community members, faculty, students and staff. The plan supports MJC’s and Columbia College ’s major goals of expanding career and job training programs, and preparing students for transfers to four-year universities.

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